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Our Story

Biolife Farms was proudly founded in 2020 by New York based serial entrepreneur and philanthropist David “Squeeze” Annakie. CBD is touted for its many health benefits and he decided to venture into this new avenue, following a few life changing episodes.

In 2018 he lost one of his sons, Jarrad, who suffered from severe depression and anxiety issues. Despite using conventional western medications, the medications were not able to help Jared overcome his depression and anxiety issues. David has also had a few setbacks regarding his health. Due to David’s hectic daily schedules, running various business ventures, it left him often drained physically and mentally. This affected his sleep patterns for years. 

After the death of his son, David decided to go on a fact finding sabbatical to explore what options were available for other persons who may be suffering from similar ailments. In his quest, he started learning more about CBD based products and their benefits.

As a trained nutritionist, having run a herbal supplement company for over a decade, David saw this new avenue as another way he could assist others by affording them the opportunity to get the benefits from using CBD based supplements.

His passion for conventional medicine and exploring therapies outside pharmaceuticals further ignited his desire to do even more research about CBD. And from this passion, the idea of Bio Life Farms was conceptualized. Realizing that there was a need for a holistic line of CBD products on the market, he decided to make this one of his top priority for 2020. The Biolife Farm’s team has created a line of premium CBD products to help a wide range of individuals, ranging from athletes who follow rigorous training schedules to persons dealing with mental health and sleep deprivation.

Having done excessive research, himself on the therapeutic benefits of CBD, he is excited to be among the forerunners of this emerging industry. Biolife Farms was founded in the memory of Jarrad Annakie and the hope is that by using Biolife Farms CBD products you will find relief and the numerous benefits that will aid you.

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Our mission

At Bio Life Farms our mission is to bring you top quality premium THC-Free CBD products. Our all natural line has the best ingredients and is carefully tested to ensure quality and consistency all at a reasonable price. Our aim is to make sure that our products will bring you holistic relief.